28 Jul 2010 - Laura Chesser's Brother Rory Competes At The Top Of International Athletics

Banner Ladies U14 regular Laura Chesser is the proud sister of Rory Chesser who represented Ireland in the European Athletics Championships in Barcelona in July 2010.

Read Rory's own account from his blog of the lead up to the event and the race itself.
European Championships 1500m, Barcelona

So this was it. What I had been working for all year and busting my ass on tracks up and down Europe to get to run in. Man did I enjoy it!

I was a lot more nervous before this race than I have been for a long time. This was a big deal, the fact that this was a semi final instead of a heat meant it was going to be doubly hard. There was going to be some really good athletes who would not make the final, I am only small fry compared to most of these guys.

Looking at the start list before my race I was ranked second last on seasons bests. I reckoned that, if I could absolutely run out of my skin, I could come 7th and hope that would be enough to qualify. The first four from both semi's would get automatic spots in the final with four fast losers. As it worked out if I could finish in 7th I would have made the final. But I have no regrets.

Walking out to the track was a fantastic experience. I was laughing as the other boys were getting cheers from people from their various countries. Then I started to get cheers, all the way around, there was so many Irish there, it was inspiring. There was a large crowd as the mens 100m final was on after us. As the camera moved across the start line introducing the fastest athletes, I made sure to stop it and wave to my family and friends watching at home.

Then it was go time. The pace was slow 61 then 2.03/ 2.04, I just tried to stay in a good position. There was a lot of pushing and shoving, but this year I have realised that is the name of the game in 1500m and I didn't hold back either. I took Shlangen (The German silver medalist in the final) up the inside as we approached the bell, he moved in but I made the room for myself. At the bell I was just behind Baddely, I felt great and thought "Holy shit I might actually get through here" as we approached 200 to go I was caught for pace however. I was a bit dissapointed with my final 100m but I still ran 3.44 low having come through the bell in 2.47/48 the guys who qualified ran 53/54 for the last lap. This is something I am not able for yet, never mind the 50 second lap that Olmedo ran in the final.

I was shocked that the Irish sports broadcaster wanted to speak to me after the race "I came 10th, why do you want to talk to me" I thought. I cant remember what I said to the reporter, but whatever I said I had the reporter, camera man and aide in stiches. I have a knack of making people laugh without actually trying to be funny, I don't mind as long as people are happy!
Thank you ever so much to all the people who texted and messaged me before and after the race, next time I hope to give you something to really make you celebrate!


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