29 Dec 2008 - Culture - Lá An Dreolín (The Wren's Day) Dingle 2008

By now unique in urban Ireland the tradition of 'The Hunting of the Wren Festival' or 'Lá an Dreolín' is celebrated in Dingle, Co. Kerry as THE most important day in the town's calendar. Tinker, tailor, doctor, draper all combine in festive costume, with the unique Dingle wren fife & flute music, to make this a magical day in the West Kerry Gaeltacht town.

This year's Wren's Day was the best in many years as the fine frosty weather combined with the wealth of musical talent ensured that the thousands of natives and visitors who participated in the day had a truly memorable experience.

Some selected photos of (late in) the day are now posted in our web-site photo gallery. But don't just rely on the photos - next year make an effort to experience the 'Wren' in Dingle for yourself. Níl a leithéid ann in aon áit eile ar domhain.