21 Dec 2008 - GAA - Lucozade Sport Education Clare Workshops

The Lucozade Sport Educational workshops will kick-start the Cusack Academy in February 2009. It is the first of a series of workshops to take place at the Michael Cusack Centre. Below is an outline of the Lucozade Sports Educational workshops planned for February 2009.

Dates: February 5th, 12th and 19th 2009

Time: 7pm

Venue: Michael Cusack, Carron. The Burren, Co. Clare

Price: €15 per workshops. Book all 3 & get a €10 discount.

Speaker/Tutor: Rosemary Daniel, Coaching Ireland.

Rosemary is a member of the Coaching Ireland team. Rosemary holds a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science from UL (2004) and recently completed an MSc specialising in the effect of calcium intake on fat metabolism at rest & during exercise. She joined the Coaching Ireland team as a sports science intern. She has a huge range of experience. She is involved with physiological testing athletes in the lab and adult education for different sports groups & teams. She has worked closely with national and international athletes from a range of sports. In 2008 she carried out much of the pre-season hydration tests for many of the counties involved in GAA. Rosemary is a competitive high jumper herself but also has and keen interest in basketball and many other sports

Order of events:

5th Feb: Fuel & Fluid (nutrition & hydration)

Start 7pm
Fuel: 45 mins with 15mins Questions & Answers,

15 min break; Tea/Coffee & light refreshments

Fluid: 45 mins with 15mins Questions & Answers

Finish 9.15pm

12th Feb: Get fit for sport & planning for success

Start 7pm
Get fit for sport: 45 mins with 15mins Questions & Answers,

15 min break; Tea/Coffee & light refreshments

Planning: 45 mins with 15mins Questions & Answers

Finish 9.15pm

19th Feb: The Female Athlete

Start 7pm
The Female Athlete: 45 mins with 15mins Questions & Answers,

10 mins: Conclusion of series of workshops

Finish 8.10

Topic information:

Fuel for sport:

Fuel for Sport covers the importance of nutrition for sport, the role of food in optimising performance and training, the body’s response to exercise, fuel requirements for team sports & useful tips and recovery methods. It also answers questions such as what to eat before competition.

Fluid for sport:

Content of this includes the importance of fluid in sport, fluid requirements for team sports and endurance events, the importance of hydration in temperature regulation. Tips on what and when to drink. Explores useful re-hydration tips and recovery methods.

Get fit for sport:

This topic examines the body’s physiological responses to training and competition. It answers questions such as the best way to get fit? Why do muscles hurt 1-2 days after training? What is the best way to recover from training? What heart rate should you have at the end of training? It also looks at practical ways to train for various aspects of physical fitness.
Planning For Success:
This topic looks at training programmes and areas covered include: goal-setting, planning a competitive season, periodisation and evaluation of the training programme.

The female athlete:

The Female Athlete workshop is appropriate for all female athletes, and coaches and parents of female athletes. It covers such things as gender differences in sport, body composition and body image, the influence of hormones, eating disorders, weight training, and the role of exercise in the prevention of osteoporosis. If you are involved with females in sport, this seminar is a must.

All those with an interest in the development of sport and recreation are welcome to attend including: sports clubs, community groups/organisations, agencies, schools, coaches, athletes, parents, and individuals.

To book a place, please contact Liz Flynn, Manager, Michael Cusack Centre, Carron, Co. Clare

Tel: 065 7089944